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Keno Combination Tickets

Keno can be a simple game, but with a little betting savvy, it can also have some smart strategies. With keno combo tickets, players are able to combine multiple wagers and number selections into a single ticket. This enables players to have a wider spread over the numbers and can improve their odds of getting solid matches. Here are a few strategies for using keno combo tickets effectively.

Mix and Match

Combo tickets can allow players to mix and match more basic betting techniques into a comprehensive betting master ticket. For example, if players have chosen four way spots for their combo ticket, not only do they get the original four spots, but they also get any combination of those spots. This can give players vastly improved odds of getting a full match when the keno race is called. The only key is, for any combination of these numbers, the player must pay for them. Without placing a bet on that unique combination, a player cannot win, even if those numbers are called.

Unit Bets

The good news is, even though each unique combination must be bet on separately, each combination in which a winning number is called then pays out. That means if a player bets on combinations of 4, 12, and 52 as well as 4, 12, and 25, when 4 and 12 are matched, both of those combinations pay out to the player. This can give a player the chance to win twice or even three times on the same numbers so long as they were played in each combination on the combo ticket.

With the right betting savvy, players can use keno combo tickets to win big at online casinos.